Jonathan — Dury

Product designer based in Hungary.

Currently Design Lead at
Pooky. Available for freelancing. Want to reach out?

Pooky.gg 2023, Kasa Living 2022, Wings for Fish 2021–2022, Liligo2019—2021, Saatchi&Saatchi2015—2018, Mito2013—2014, Carburant2012—2013, TBWA\Corporate2011, Freelance2006—NOW

BMW, BNP Paribas, Citröen, Electronic Arts, Fiat Chrysler Automobile, Fnatic, Givenchy, Guerlain, HP, Jaguar, Microsoft Phone, Neoderma, Nike, Petit Navire, Procter & Gamble, Sainbury’s, SFR, SNCF, SPIE OGS, Telekom, Ubisoft, Universal Pictures, Vodafone, Wizz Air and more

Altavia China, DDB Budapest, Eleius France, Havas China, Isobar Paris, Republic Group Hungary, TBWA\Auditoire Shanghai, Threedium and more



Design Lead

As Design Lead for Pooky, i build and manage a design team of 3 designers remotely.

We handle every design related aspect of building this football prediction game on the blockchain from Branding, Communication and Product Design, as well as creating NFT Collections and game assets.


Kasa Living

Growth, Design System

As part of the Customer Experience team i was responsible for the pre-booking part of kasa.com, more precisely around conversion optimisation.

I also helped kickstart a new Design System in close collaboration with the development team. We worked on tokenizing the system and automisation of design changes.

I also helped my team with Design Ops tasks, optimising our workflows, figma reorganisation, creating bespoke figma plugins to ease our team everyday-life.

The nature of the work is confidential, but if you want to learn more about this experience, feel free to reach out.



Web, Design System

For the last four month, I've been collaborating with GSK on creating a new service and product for the Centrum brand.

The nature of the work is confidential, but if you want to learn more about this experience, feel free to reach out.



Web, iOS/ Android, Design System

I spent almost 3 years leading the design team at Liligo.fr

Along with a lot of product related work, I also help with global marketing, implementing and restructuring processes, creating the team and setting up the Design System.


Design system

At my arrival in Liligo, one of the biggest challenge the company was facing, was the lack of visual consistency and design structure along with a globally old visual language.

We set to start creating a Design System along with a new CMS to run the entire SEO/SEM pages creation and maintenance, as well as extending it later on to the core product pages.

This would allow us to first refresh the visual language of liligo, keep consistency accross pages while also re-enforcing collaboration between the design team and the developpers.


Business Transformation

Another main challenge we faced was to operate a massive business model change, from a CPC model to a CPA model. And not to make things easier, during the COVID crisis and with all the travel restriction happening in the world.

We approached this challenge from multiple aspect with every business unit leader and define a strategy we would implement through a year to successfully manage the transition:

01. Analyse our data, our pricing and compare with competitors
02. Improve our airline and OTA content
03. Negociate pricing & content with key partners
04. Re-prioritize the design system integration to focus on core business components
05. Establish a feature improvment roadmap to focus on conversion
06. Remove old clickbait triggers and redefine click areas and lead flows
07. Redesign content information architecture and UI
08. Improve search experience to create more qualified results
09. Improve filtering to qualify even more leads
10. Implement double click on mobile
11. Review and rethink sorting design and algorythm to qualify even more results
12. Align our Sponsored Ads with all the core improvment made to safeguard revenues while not canabilzing the core product


iOS/ Android App

After being abandoned for a bit and reaching a point where functionality were rally lacking being the web platform, we started with my team redesigning the Native Apps.

The goal was simple, reach a level where functionality would be similar to the web platform ; using the new design system, while also creating a more native experience ; integrating the CMS and restructuring the app code base using flutter to simplify deployment.


More project

Throughout the 2 years, we also delivered countless of other small projects and functionality for the web platform, as well as marketing content.

Here are some of those



Web, Ads

Joining Threedium as a Creative Director gave me the opportunity to jump in a complete new world and experiment in the metaverse.

I mainly created and pitch 3D/AR ads in the browser, and participated in the product design of their no-code platform to build 3d/AR customizable ads and widget.



Laying down the foundation for the first No-Code 3d/AR/VR platform in the world.
Designing all the flows for the platform, including the 3D model editor and the Banner/format editor.


3D ads

Developping the new generation of display ads using, AR, VR, 3D and live customisable 3D object in the browser.


3D shopping experience

Bringing new ways for consumer to experience products and shop online using the power of 3D.



Concept, Pitches, Ideas & more Projects

Here’s a collection of concepts, ideas, and prototypes for multiple pitches, projects, and clients I worked with in the past years

saatchi & saatchi Budapest

Pampers Club

Starting the first startup experiment for P&G in the baby care sphere with a reward program for pampers consumer.

saatchi & saatchi

Ariel Ambrosia DACH

How to use tech visualisation to educate german consumer about the new Ariel PODS


Misfits Gaming

Art direction and design for the visual of the announcement and new season of their League of Legends team.

isobar paris

Citroen brand.com

Visual design of several pages for the brand.com platform of Citroen.


Battlefield 3

Design of the official battlefield 3 Youtube channel embeded on EA BF3's website and facebook page.



Pitch design for a minigame on 20minutes.fr turning the website menu in a rich-interactve game on the principal of the breakout game.